Comment by Maureen Kinney on February 13, 2017 at 8:48pm

Derek Silvers really tears apart a new view of group dynamics, Leadership and Followers. That would be good to understand with everything happening right now politically in our current everyday group settings. For example our President has elected an Educational Minister to his Cabinet. She is to be one of his FOLLOWERS, She is not a strong follower because she doesn't have any Educational Experience and is not actually suited for the position but she is willing to do what the LEADER, requires of her as a Follower. This is a dysfunctional goal oriented misuse of the Leader's power to accomplish positive goals, improving the targeted needs of the students and community.

So, Followers are the real hero's who make the leader's look good and actually influence the development of a unit. The other followers actually imitate the primary followers in the group.

The Leader gets all the public credit since she/he is the front person of the movement while the followers provide the real power and energy.  Great review.  I really like how it fits together.


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