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Fall 2013 6230 Cross Cultural Communication


Fall 2013 6230 Cross Cultural Communication

Welcome to the 6230 Cross Cultural Communication Group for Fall 2013!

Please read the syllabus. Please note that we will be meeting on 5 physical dates; mark those down on your calendar:

Physical meetings will occurs on Wednesdays 5:30-8:10pm

August 28, 2013

September 18, 2013

October 16, 2013

November 6, 2013

December 4, 2013

Readings: For the course assignments. You will all be reading Michael Agar's Language Shock as a shared text focused on the intersection between language and culture. This will provide you with a culture-centric view of how we use language to communicate, and embedded in our language is culture. We will build upon this socio-cultural foundation with readings from the field of Second Language Acquisition, TESOL and Cross-Cultural Communication. These readings will be provided for you via PDF.

Assignments: Everything is due according to the due date articulated on the Discussion Headline. Assignments will consist of readings, vide-based learning, field-based interviews and collaborative group-based exploration.

  • Readings: Postings of your understandings of those readings. You will post your "Language Shock" readings in the separate Ning Group called "Fall 2013 6230 Language Shock Readings."
  • Assignments: In addition to the readings, assignments include field-based work (interviews), and ongoing collaborative group projects, which will culminate in conducting an Oral History Interview.
  • Projects: You will develop expertise in conducting Oral History interviews in order to interact with and learn from people's lived experiences. This approach will enable you to develop cultural sensitivity towards an immigrant/refugee to the U.S., and also take what you learn as you consider educational programs.

Technologies: In addition to the Ning, you will also learn to work with , familiarize yourself with it. Also download and familiarize yourself with , which will use to stay connected in our course. Last, get to know Google Hangout , which we will occasionally use for online face-t0-face meetings between our physical class sessions.

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